Thursday, September 2, 2010

So why do I call my blog, the Twinkie Diaries? Well, it’s the first “treat” I can remember looking forward to, every week when I was a little girl. And frankly, I can’t come up with any other name that I like, or that tells my story with food which is not always about eating the right foods but about enjoying the foods that I do like.
For me, It was a weekly ritual, going to the supermarket with my mom, knowing that at the check out counter there it would little slice of heaven, a fluffy yellow sponge cake with it’s sugary sweet white filling wrapped in a shiny clear wrapper...ready for me to enjoy. I remember salivating at the thought of licking the icing off. Even though I don’t eat them anymore, just thinking about the creamy, sugary smooth icing is making my mouth water. Did mention, I have a sweet tooth? 
So there we’d be, my mother and I waiting to pay. I’d be scanning the TV guide figuring out what TV show I’d watch while I savored my twinkie. I would save the twinkie for later when I could enjoy it without interruptions. Which meant that I would have to WAIT until after we walked home and ate dinner to eat my twinkie. Talk about delaying gratification. Was I a patient little girl or what?.....I wonder what happened? HA!
But once I sat down to eat my twinkie, I was in a trance. I didn’t rush and tear the wrapper. I would gently pry it open at the edges. I would close my eyes, bring it close to my nose and inhale it’s sweet aroma for a few seconds. I would then break it in half, right where the icing was and slowly lick the icing, filling my mouth with sugary sweetness. In between eating the spongy cake and licking the icing....I was in heaven. And nothing else mattered and by the time I finished, I was completely satisfied. I was full and didn't need a second one. I wasn't craving for more sweets, I was content.
Something about really taking your time to savor and enjoy the food you are eating regardless of what it deeply healing. Of course, it’s better to go for whole foods with real nutritional value that heal the body from the inside out....but once you come to terms with “forbidden food”, you won’t crave them as much or even at all.  
Which in my next blog, you’ll see what I mean. Let’s just say it involves some more licking, this time ice cream and with a rapt audience....
in love and pleasure,

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