Friday, October 8, 2010


I had the most amazing birthday! I got every one of my birthday desires. I'm extremely grateful to my dear friends for helping me fulfill all of my birthday desires. I had the best celebration ever! I'm truly blessed to have relationships that are healthy and nourishing.
I believe you need to have different types of friendships for different areas in your life. No one person can be it all for you, as a friend or romantic partner. I also know that true friendships take time. You need to cultivate and nurture them. You can’t insinuate yourself in someone else’s life without having some common ground and an appreciation for who they are. A great friendship is nourishing and unfolds slowly, it can take up to’s like an onion, you are peeling back each other’s layers, one layer at a time...taking care to respect and honor each other at every stage.
I have a movie friend, dancing friends, divorced mom friend, mom/sister friend, a friend that cuts through the bullshit but does it with compassion.  
I met my dance friends while taking salsa lessons here in Miami. They’re no longer just my “dance” friends...I consider them my family here. They are fabulous dancers and teachers, I’m always learning from them on the dance floor as well as off it. We've become such great friends that I’ve put them in charge of wiping clean my computer's hard drive and erasing any "naughty evidence" in my apartment. Not a day goes by that we don't text, email or call each other...and not a weekend goes by that we don’t see each other. Just like we're addicted to dancing salsa, we seem to be addicted to each other's a healthy way of course.
I have a friend that is like a mother and sister wrapped in one. She is my cheerleader, bodyguard, partner in crime....she’s promised to help me bury the “body,” if there ever is one. She’s known me since my Catholic school days...she’s seen me in kilt and knee highs. We’ve gone on the Staten Island ferry just to chat. Once, we went to the movies and we paid for our tickets in coins....yes, all in coins. She kept on telling the guy selling us the tickets, to look at how pretty I was.  She also kept on telling him what a sweetheart he was for taking all of our coins as payment. We've done so many crazy and fun things together that it would take an entire book to talk about them.
Then I have my yoga soul sisters, We’ve been through yoga training, self growth courses, divorces, babies and many laugh out loud outrageous adventures together. One lives in Paris, one in NY and the other in Australia. I talk to the one in Paris every day and with the one in Australia, at least once a week, usually when I’m driving home from dancing...since there’s a 14 hour time difference, the timing is perfect. Weeks may go by where I don’t speak with my friend in NY but when we do speak, it’s like we never skipped a beat. We are so in sync that we can basically read each other's minds. The distance between us doesn’t get in the way of our friendship.  
My other soul sister and wing woman lives here in Miami. She is my decadent and glamorous partner in researching pleasure. We conjure all kinds of fabulous invitations and fun when we are out on the town. We support each other in the creation of our respective businesses and desires. She reminds me that my desires are never too big and that I deserve every one of them.
My friend and beach companion, is my grounding friend. We walk on the beach in the mornings, weather permitting. We walk for miles, catching up on each other’s lives, our plans, business strategies and we have a running commentary on the naked sun bathers and joggers. Yes, men jogging naked..not a pretty sight, contrary to popular least not on this stretch of beach.
My healing friend, is my source of restoration and coming home to myself. As a healer, I firmly believe in taking care of my body, mind and spirit. So, I make sure that I have regular healing sessions from her, a healer other than myself. Not only do we share a similar path in our healing work but we’ve also been through a few self growth courses together. The last of my core friends, is my spiritual mentor, she is all about love and spirit. She is patient, fun and someone I can share my spiritual growth and skills. Her encouragement and knowledge are always available unconditionally.

I have many other amazing friends, too many to mention. I am very lucky to have a treasure trove of quality friendships.
All my friends bring different aspects to our relationship, each one adding to the whole of who I am. When they say, “it takes a village,” they weren’t kidding!...My village is made up of these women along with my mother and daughter....without their encouragement, support, “permission” to be “me,” laughter, love and compassion...I’d be a little less brighter. Their light and love shone on me, makes my light shine brighter.
Thank you ladies, for holding my hand, wiping my tears, rejoicing in my victories and laughing at my outrageous adventures! 

in love and pleasure,

Nutrition Counselor
The Twinkie Angel

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