Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yep, that’s right...I lost my mojo. I lost that spark, energy and love of life for a span of weeks. How did it happen? It sort of crept up on me, unannounced but when it arrived...BAM a bucket of ice cold water dumped over my head and an anchor tied around my body weighing me down.
And it sucked the life out of me. The harder I tried to dig out, the worse I felt. The little voice in my head, actually at this point, the loud and obnoxious voice was berating me for being mojoless...specially since I have many ‘tools’ at my disposal to get out of the quicksand of boredom and despair...the same tools I recommend to my clients...And there it was, I was so caught up in ‘doing’ and ‘getting’ that I forgot to walk my talk.
How did this happen?!

In the process of growing my business, I was absorbing obscenely large amounts of   business seminars, videos, tele-seminars and newsletters. Anything and everything under the sun to find my niche, market to my niche, come up with ‘give aways,’ and the many mantras recited and vision boards created to ‘work’ The Law of Attraction. Add to this, keeping up with new information in health coaching and energy healing, being an awesome mother and friend. In all this doing, I forgot the most important person in this equation, ME! 
Forced to slow down and move at a slower pace because of the delicious heat. I stopped, I took a deep breath and I looked around. With my daughter in summer camp really enjoying summer and having fun, I decided to create my own summer camp, a sort of vacation. Which for those of us who are our own boss, is tricky to pull off. Yes, we have flexible schedules but we also end up working really late at night in front of our computers. For most of us actual human contact comes from our family members or the various check-out people at the supermarket or pharmacy because everything we do is in front of the computer or on the phone.
There really is no excuse for me not to take advantage of the fact that I live in paradise...beautiful beaches, gorgeous palm trees, water all around, sultry evenings and international friends.  As I let the idea of being on vacation in my own home town sink in, I sat down and wrote a list of all the fun things I could do. And then I scheduled one activity each day. It took me almost two weeks to really feel relaxed, lighter and to smile from my heart again. I see why in many European countries, people take three consecutive weeks off from work. It makes sense since the first week or so, you’re catching up on your sleep, remembering to breathe from your belly and noticing that there are other people on the planet. Then after that, you start feeling alive again, all your senses are happily buzzing, you’re finally breathing all of life in, fully and deeply.
I lost my mojo and then I rediscovered it walking on the beach at sundown...sitting in a quiet and cool movie theater in the middle of the day. I found my mojo sleeping-in late and then heading to the beach to sit under an umbrella for hours reading a trashy novel and books by Marianne Williamson. I surrendered to just BEING here now, not in the past or not in the future. In the beginning not ‘doing’ anything and surrendering was hard. I felt like I was forgetting to do something. You know what I keep ‘so busy’ that when you stop, you don’t know what to do with yourself. You try to fill the empty spaces just in case those thoughts you've been ignoring don't come crashing to the surface. We are all great at the art of keeping busy, busy, busy so that we push away our thoughts...even the pearls of our own Divine wisdom that guide us. I surrendered to these thoughts, I let them flow, I gave myself permission to just be. And in that process, I surrendered to receiving. As a health counselor, energy healer and mother, I’m always giving and not giving myself the space to receive. 
I found the rest of my mojo in receiving from other healers. Healing in the form of facials, massages, energy healing sessions, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments. This may sound corny but when I made the last of my mojo replenishing appointments with the Chinese Medicine doctor, my soul jumped for joy, I felt at home and taken care of. I was honoring myself taking care of my mind, body and that hopefully, I can be of better service to my clients, my family and my friends.

I know what you’re’s easy to find your mojo if you have money. I also know that if you’re creative enough or are on the right lists like Living Social or Groupon, you can take advantage of the many spa deals they have. Also, many massage schools offer inexpensive massages by their students. And if you live in Miami, you can take advantage of spa month until the end of August. Or head over to the mall or nail salon  and get a chair massage. There is always a way...

Do you know where your mojo is?