Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yep, that’s right...I lost my mojo. I lost that spark, energy and love of life for a span of weeks. How did it happen? It sort of crept up on me, unannounced but when it arrived...BAM a bucket of ice cold water dumped over my head and an anchor tied around my body weighing me down.
And it sucked the life out of me. The harder I tried to dig out, the worse I felt. The little voice in my head, actually at this point, the loud and obnoxious voice was berating me for being mojoless...specially since I have many ‘tools’ at my disposal to get out of the quicksand of boredom and despair...the same tools I recommend to my clients...And there it was, I was so caught up in ‘doing’ and ‘getting’ that I forgot to walk my talk.
How did this happen?!

In the process of growing my business, I was absorbing obscenely large amounts of   business seminars, videos, tele-seminars and newsletters. Anything and everything under the sun to find my niche, market to my niche, come up with ‘give aways,’ and the many mantras recited and vision boards created to ‘work’ The Law of Attraction. Add to this, keeping up with new information in health coaching and energy healing, being an awesome mother and friend. In all this doing, I forgot the most important person in this equation, ME! 
Forced to slow down and move at a slower pace because of the delicious heat. I stopped, I took a deep breath and I looked around. With my daughter in summer camp really enjoying summer and having fun, I decided to create my own summer camp, a sort of vacation. Which for those of us who are our own boss, is tricky to pull off. Yes, we have flexible schedules but we also end up working really late at night in front of our computers. For most of us actual human contact comes from our family members or the various check-out people at the supermarket or pharmacy because everything we do is in front of the computer or on the phone.
There really is no excuse for me not to take advantage of the fact that I live in paradise...beautiful beaches, gorgeous palm trees, water all around, sultry evenings and international friends.  As I let the idea of being on vacation in my own home town sink in, I sat down and wrote a list of all the fun things I could do. And then I scheduled one activity each day. It took me almost two weeks to really feel relaxed, lighter and to smile from my heart again. I see why in many European countries, people take three consecutive weeks off from work. It makes sense since the first week or so, you’re catching up on your sleep, remembering to breathe from your belly and noticing that there are other people on the planet. Then after that, you start feeling alive again, all your senses are happily buzzing, you’re finally breathing all of life in, fully and deeply.
I lost my mojo and then I rediscovered it walking on the beach at sundown...sitting in a quiet and cool movie theater in the middle of the day. I found my mojo sleeping-in late and then heading to the beach to sit under an umbrella for hours reading a trashy novel and books by Marianne Williamson. I surrendered to just BEING here now, not in the past or not in the future. In the beginning not ‘doing’ anything and surrendering was hard. I felt like I was forgetting to do something. You know what I keep ‘so busy’ that when you stop, you don’t know what to do with yourself. You try to fill the empty spaces just in case those thoughts you've been ignoring don't come crashing to the surface. We are all great at the art of keeping busy, busy, busy so that we push away our thoughts...even the pearls of our own Divine wisdom that guide us. I surrendered to these thoughts, I let them flow, I gave myself permission to just be. And in that process, I surrendered to receiving. As a health counselor, energy healer and mother, I’m always giving and not giving myself the space to receive. 
I found the rest of my mojo in receiving from other healers. Healing in the form of facials, massages, energy healing sessions, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments. This may sound corny but when I made the last of my mojo replenishing appointments with the Chinese Medicine doctor, my soul jumped for joy, I felt at home and taken care of. I was honoring myself taking care of my mind, body and that hopefully, I can be of better service to my clients, my family and my friends.

I know what you’re’s easy to find your mojo if you have money. I also know that if you’re creative enough or are on the right lists like Living Social or Groupon, you can take advantage of the many spa deals they have. Also, many massage schools offer inexpensive massages by their students. And if you live in Miami, you can take advantage of spa month until the end of August. Or head over to the mall or nail salon  and get a chair massage. There is always a way...

Do you know where your mojo is?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Deepest Fear...

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? 

Actually, who are you not to be? 

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” 
Excerpted from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles, 
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...” YES! I’ve felt this way many times...where I want to run and hide! But I can’t because I’m committed to living my truth, however that shows up. It was right about the time I was ‘thinking’ of starting this blog. I asked my self, “Who am I to have a blog? Why would I want to expose myself? Why would I want to be so transparent? Because in my  transparency, I am vulnerable, I am real, I am POWERFUL beyond measure. In my  transparency, I own who I really am at my core...pure Spirit living a human experience.
My Spirit cannot be contained, it loves adventure. Even if I try to “shrink,” it won’t let me. It’s more painful to try to shrink and hide then to go for it and live BIG. Scary as hell to own this fully but if I hadn’t, I would never have jumped out of a plane, signed up for Landmark Education, taken a helicopter lesson which was amazing! I would never have  gone to the gun range by myself or gotten some basic Black Ops training and Krav Maga lessons, thank you Vegas! I would not have signed up to be a mother, by far the hardest yet most rewarding adventure ever. I would not be outing myself as a gifted Angel Card reader and intuitive healer and channel. I would not have said, "Yes" to an impromptu interview as a health expert by Channel 10. If I wanted to hide, I would not have a pink feather boa in the front passenger side of my car as a reminder that I AM wildly feminine. My desire is to serve as a holistic health/lifestyle counselor. My mission is to help people live juicer and healthier lives, to let their own light shine and to get out of their own way, on their path to greatness and living a fabulous life.
We are meant to embrace every aspect of ourselves. If I let my fear of what others thought stop me from going for things that light me up, I would never have experienced the many amazing this I’ve done so far in my life. Many of those experiences could be deemed “male” activities. Coming from a Latin culture, there are certain things women don’t do otherwise you’ll be labeled as either butch, a loose woman, undesirable or all of the above and then some. But there’s something inside of me that is bigger than all that cultural BS and needs to come out. Conformity is not my strong suit. Looking back, it never was...I just got side track somewhere in my twenties to “fit” into a certain vision of what woman is in our culture. I always fought back and when I felt the battle was greater than myself, I became numb. I was living a “pod people” life. You know...when you are walking around smiling to the world but inside you are screaming to get out. You want to crawl out of your skin, you want to rip off the fake body suit you are suctioned into...anything to be free of the mask, free to live your authentic are so desperate to pull yourself out of the abyss of nothingness that numbness makes you feel. It only took one word, one person, a life changing moment, a small ray of hope to “plug” me back to reality. My willingness to be ME again(at all costs) and not live in fear of my greatness lead me to Regena Thomashauer aka Mama Gena.
Regena and The School of Womanly Arts woke me up from my stupor and broke me out of my numbness and reminded me to be apologetically ME...the dynamic, powerful and confident woman I was in my teenage years and in my early twenties...if I had kept “shrinking” to fit what a woman is “suppose” to be and not let my own light shine, I would not be the woman I am now, dynamic, confident, ecstatic, fun and alive living an amazing fabulous life. Thank you Regena! Because of you, if I falter or waver in my living BIG, there is a community of women ready to catch me and hold my hand as I steady myself and keep flying towards my dreams.
I desire to continue playing BIG! 

I desire to play BIG in all areas of my life. Despite how scary that might seem...actually it’s scarier to live a life of regret...I desire to play full out, balls to the wall or in my case, ovaries...

Who wants to join me?!

These two songs are in my living BIG play list that gets me going in the morning....

and yes, the rest is still Unwritten....

and yes, I AM a FIREWORK, baby...

in love and pleasure,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life!

Inspired by my friend, Kate and her blog, who was inspired by Seth Godin’s blog, I decided to make a list of my accomplishments both big and small in 2010. 
Every year when December rolls around, I wonder where the year went. Then my next thought is that I didn’t do anything “worthwhile” in the past year. Call it short term memory or that for a split second, I “think” my accomplishments are not noteworthy. Like they need to be in a magazine or something for them to be worthy of my recognition...

As I was writing my list, the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life popped into my head. One of my all time favorites! It’s an old black & white film, starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. In the movie, Jimmy Stewart plays George Bailey. At the beginning of the movie, after a serious of unfortunate events, George decides to take his own life by jumping off a bridge on Christmas Eve. Just as he's about to jump, his guardian angel appears and shows him how life would be in Bedford Falls, if he'd never been born. With the help of Clarence, his guardian angel, George realizes that by being alive, he’s enriched the lives of many people. He is able to see that the "small" things he did every day, had a major impact on the lives of everyone around him.  Check out the clip below of the last scene in the movie.  
Every time we make eye contact, every smile, every moment we take the time to connect with another human being or don’t, has an effect...

Really, how silly of me to think I hadn’t done anything worthwhile with my year. But these are the thoughts that we sometimes choose to believe....thoughts that can diminish our self esteem, if we allow them to take root in our mind. Our accomplishments are unique to each of us, big or small. We all have our own unique purpose. Whether it’s being the best mother, teacher, singer or bartender. We can’t compare ourselves to others and deem ourselves less worthy because of the jobs we hold or the titles we have. 
Here’s to LIVING and not just merely existing, done my way....
  • I made my daughter smile many times...really priceless.
  • I listened with undivided attention to friends who just needed to vent, no judgment. 
  • I let myself be vulnerable and accept help when it was offered.
  • I officially became a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor.
  • I became a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 
  • I started a newsletter on healthy eating, juicy living and guilt free self care.
  • I started this blog...which I never thought I would, thanks Catherine!
  • I started surfing again, because I got a surfboard for Christmas...thanks to "The Dude"!
  • I gifted my self a helicopter lesson! I get to scratch this one and the one below from my bucket list!!!
  • I gifted my self a Nascar lesson with track time. I can't wait!

I realize I have been “living” a very full life, complete with amazing accomplishments, big and small. I’ve grown and become a better person, friend, mother, daughter and woman. I’ve learned so much from my triumphs as well as my “failures,” which are great opportunities for growth. With all it’s ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a thing. Living to me means, fully feeling every emotion...being able to sit with the rawness and vulnerability of living your truth no matter who it pisses off and how you are judged. It’s not for the faint of heart but that doesn’t mean that only a handful of people have been given the courage to do it. We ALL posses the ability to live the life of our dreams...
Are you living or just existing?
Are you living the life of your dreams?
If you are not, why are YOU stopping yourself from doing so? 

What is your DREAM

in love and pleasure,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I use to suffer from debilitating migraines a few years ago. The migraines started in college. Who knows? Maybe it was all the “stress” from reading a few hundred text book pages a night or having to “grow up.” At first, I thought I was getting a regular headache and I’d try taking the usual meds like Tylenol or Advil. But that did nothing to alleviate the pounding, throbbing pain located usually over my right eye and the right side of my head. To me, a migraine feels like lighting striking and crackling in my head…incessantly. I can barely talk and I feel like pulling my hair out from the excruciating pain. At its peak, I can barely open my eyes; it hurts to look at any light. I need to be in a dark and quiet room. I can’t move or even lie down. I have to be in a sitting position propped up by many pillows, slightly resting my head. I’m so nauseous it feels like I need to throw up. The times I’ve waited too long to take my meds, I’ve actually thrown up. Imagine throwing up while your brain feels like it’s banging against your skull and it’s about to come out of the top of your head. And all you're doing is dry heaving. Trust me, not fun at all.

Once I learned to manage the pain and became aware of the triggers and symptoms that identify my migraine, I was able to significantly reduce my migraines. 99% of the time, I can tell when I’m about to get a migraine. I have several signs, each time it varies which symptoms I get but it’s the same two or three. Either my neck muscles on one side, usually the right side start to tense up and shoot pain up through my head…pulsating…throbbing pain…boom…boom…boom. Or, I wake up after what seemed like a great night of sleep and I feel exhausted, somewhat spacey, and foggy. It feels like I’m dragging my feet all day until I realize why and that If I don’t take something soon, I’ll have a full blown migraine in a few hours.

Some things that can at times act as triggers are red wine, aged cheeses, too much chocolate, and MSG(mono sodium glutamate) which can be found in processed and Chinese food. Also, when I fly, the change in air pressure can sometimes give me a migraine. I didn’t pass the medical portion of the national pilot’s exam due to this, something about being incapacitated and a danger in the air, if I were flying a plane…whatever…

The first prescription med I took to alleviate my migraine was Esgic. Esgic is butalbital, acetaminophen and caffeine. Esgic worked for a while but then I needed something stronger. So, the doctor put me on a cocktail of butalbital, aspirin, caffeine and codeine. The side effects of these drugs are drowsiness, dizziness, light headedness, severe impairment of judgment, euphoria and sedation. Not to mention that butalbital is a barbiturate. Yes, as in an opiate, a highly addictive substance. Codeine is also an opiate. I barely remember the doctor mentioning something about it being addictive but I really didn’t pay attention. I just wanted a quick fix to my pain. Now looking back and reading the “fine print” on the risk and adverse effects, I wish I had paid a little more attention.  Thankfully, I didn’t become dependent on the butalbital or the codeine.

Since butalbital and codeine are controlled substances, it became a hassle trying to get a prescription every month. So, I started looking for ways to manage the pain that didn’t require a prescription. With the recommendation of a great doctor, I tried Alleve and Excedrin migraine. I take Alleve to relax my neck muscles and Excedrin migraine for the migraine itself. Till this day the over the counter cocktail of one Alleve and one Excedrin migraine for me has worked. I can’t take the recommended dosage of two Excedrin migraine tablets because it really upsets my stomach. It’s crazy that the medication I need to take to alleviate the migraine makes make me queasy and makes my stomach hurt. That’s so absurd! Which gets me thinking about all those prescription drug commercials on the air...

I’m appalled at the side effects of the different prescription drugs that are out on the market. Have you ever really listened to a prescription drug commercial?  In the first part of the commercial, all the positive effects are listed. Then towards the end at a much faster pace, all the negative side effects are listed while the happy music is playing in the background and everyone is smiling. It's kind of eerie...

So, is it worth it...taking meds that have nasty side effects and can be hazardous to your health? It’s really up to each person to decide if the benefits outweigh the side effects. I avoid the use of prescription drugs as much as possible but I will be the first to take them when I really need them. When I’m in the grip of the most excruciating pain with no relief in sight, for me the answer is simple…drugs please! I’ll investigate later what triggered the migraine and then hopefully avoid that trigger in the future. Since my “journey” with migraines, I’ve become more aware of all the side effects a medication has. Whether there are any adverse effects of combining it with other medications. Whether there’s an alternative option, one that doesn’t require prescription drugs. Just because the doctor recommends it, I don’t fully take his word for it. I research what I’m taking. I ask questions, I’m informed. I read the label that’s attached to my prescription. Remember you are the one paying the doctor, not the other way around. It’s your prerogative to ask questions.

Between doing yoga, meditation and taking the time to properly rest and avoiding common triggers, I rarely have migraines that last two or three days. I still get them from time to time but I’m prepared and take the necessary measures to stop it before it becomes debilitating.

Do you know what’s in the medication you are taking?

in love and pleasure,
Holistic Health Counselor

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eating on the Fly

A few years ago, when I worked in corporate America, I worked from 9 to 5 and I had an hour for lunch. Now in the majority of offices, the work schedule is 8:30-5 with a half hour for lunch. And in other jobs, they even have longer work hours with practically no lunch break. So, what’s wrong with this picture? In the name of productivity, does creativity and digestion go out the window? I think so. Don’t get me wrong, I know you are there to work. But I also know you need an adequate break to recharge and properly nourish yourself, for the creativity to flow. 

Does this sound familiar? When lunch time comes make a mad dash for the door in search of food. When you get to where you are going to buy're stuck waiting in line..ugh! glance at your watch...then you look at the look back at the time you are looking at the cashier with daggers in your eyes, wondering what could be taking so long!...your blood pressure starts look at the time again...your breathing becomes shallow and you start it worth it?...Do I even like this job?...Could I be doing something better with my life?...What’s holding me back from pursuing what really gets my juices flowing? In the middle of fantasizing what your ideal job would be...your number is called...FINALLY! You run back to sit at your desk or the lunch room and scarf down your somewhat passable food. If you are eating at your desk, one hand is shoving food in your mouth, while the other is holding the phone as you listen to your voice mail or answer emails...trying not to spill food on yourself and wondering whether you’ll have enough time to go to the bathroom before the meeting...which is in five minutes! C'mon! Really? You can feel the indigestion setting in and you reach for the Pepto Bismal or Tums. Who schedules meetings right after lunch? And why?!

So, how do I maximize a thirty minute lunch break?...I bring my lunch to work or I have it delivered. Before I start eating, I take a deep breath to center myself and slow everything down...slow down the thoughts racing through my mind...slow down my breathing. I resist the urge to chow everything down in a few bites. Instead, I slowly chew every morsel...savoring every bite. If you eat or better yet...swallow your meal whole, in less than three minutes, not only are you not going to feel satisfied but you'll have indigestion. You are also bypassing part of the digestive process that occurs in your mouth. The enzymes in your saliva break down starches in the food while you are chewing, making it easier for you to digest and assimilate the food more efficiently which is less taxing on your digestive system. You should be chewing your food until it’s liquid before you swallow. How many times do you chew your food before you swallow? 

The next time you sit down to eat, notice how you are feeling. Are you stressed out? Are you holding your breathe? Is your breathe shallow? Are you distracted by the TV, the computer or the phone? 

What can you do or stop doing, to be fully present while you nourish yourself?

in love and pleasure,

Certified Health Coach

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Exorcist

We stuff ourselves with our unresolved feelings. What happens when we stuff ourselves? We feel full, dull and weighed down. We are too busy to delve into those “feelings” that stalk the recesses of our mind. We are too busy to be derailed by actually feeling the sadness that is wrapped around our heart. We are too busy to feel...maybe another another time or in another place. It sounds simple enough but what do you think happens to those repressed feelings? Do they go away quietly? Do they vanish into thin air? Think again...
Just like a balloon, if we keep on filling it with air beyond it’s capacity...the pressure builds until it can no longer contain the air and the balloon pops with a loud noise, startling everyone within ear shot...We are just like the balloon. Eventually, we are going to “pop” and scare everyone around us. You know who you are...stuffing down those feelings...a ticking time bomb...waiting...waiting for the right moment, waiting for the least insignificant thing to set you off. And then...BOOM!  You are in an all out rage, spewing venom, torching villages, head spinning. You’ve become Linda Blair in the exorcist. Your eyes bulge and your claws come out. You are ready to strike at the first person in your vicinity. You go for the jugular. You are letting out years of frustrations. If looks could kill, everyone would be dead in your immediate line of sight. You don’t even know why you are mad. You just know that someone wronged you and you are going to make sure they won’t get away with it. You don’t care that the person in front of you was guilty of only one transgression.  You are still going to let them have it for all of those that came before him or her. And then after you’ve simmered down and taking a hold of yourself. You realize, you’ve annihilated and cut down with a machete another human being. Was it worth it? Do you feel light and completely free? No. Now you have do deal with the guilt.
Or you do what I use to do. Stuff, stuff and stuff myself like a Christmas turkey until I was bursting at the seams and then the dam would break and there is nothing, I mean nothing to stop the flood from coming. Years ago, I was at a wedding. It was a beautiful day, everything was perfect or so I thought. I was sitting there enjoying the ceremony. Taking it all in, the flowers, the joy, the happy couple, everyone smiling and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. My eyes started to mist and this undeniable dread started rising from within. It felt like waves, tsunami like waves coming towards me, full force. And I knew, that no amount of squeezing my eyes shut or breathing deeply was going to stop the torrent of tears that were about to be spilled. So, I got up quickly and headed straight towards the restroom. I must have been in there for at least an hour...sobbing uncontrollably, letting all those suppressed feelings I had, out. Let me tell you that after that, I made a promise to myself to deal with my feelings as they came up. It was an utterly humiliating and humbling experience to be so raw, vulnerable, to have red puffy eyes, globs of snot everywhere and everyone asking me what was wrong. 
“Good girls” are not suppose to express their feelings or speak up.  All of us to some degree, are raised not to express our true feelings. Men are told not to cry and girls are told not to show anger. So, the majority of men are good at expressing their anger, dealing with the problem and moving on. They are not so good at expressing their “sensitive” side because that’s just not what men do. It’s okay for women to cry but not express their angry because we don’t want to be labeled as a bitch. So then no one is expressing or dealing with their feelings in healthy ways.  I’m not saying that anger doesn’t serve it’s purpose if used wisely. Anger like any other feeling, is just that a feeling. Feelings are neither right or wrong. They are  just feelings. It’s the action or actions that we take because of the “feeling” that  can be wrong or detrimental. We are angry because our needs are not being met. We are angry because we give our power away and let people overstep our boundaries. We are angry at ourselves because we don't love or respect ourselves enough to speak up. If we use our anger to propel us forward, it can be very empowering. Why are you angry? Where did you not speak up for yourself? How can you use this awareness to have your needs met in a healthy productive way?
How do I diffuse my anger so that I don’t go Mt. Vesuvius on anyone? I have an "anger hour." I learned this from a fabulous trail blazing woman. I time myself. It could be for 5 minutes or longer. I prefer five minutes. When the timer starts, I let it all out...everything that has been bothering me, is released. I’m mean full blown. It helps to play really loud music. One, to get in the mood and two, so that the neighbors won’t hear you. You can use a pillow and smack the bed or use your fists. You can kick and scream...jump up and down, whatever works for you. I also go to the gym put on my boxing gloves and release it on the punching bag. Just be careful not to hurt yourself or break anything. A friend of mine broke a lamp while she was smacking her pillow around. When the time is up, I stop, take a few deep breaths and center myself. I let it go and move on with the rest of my day. Maybe I’ll revisit my anger tomorrow...but I sure won’t let it lurk in the dark, ready to pounce unexpectedly.
In order to let your feelings move through you and out, you have to feel them. Let your body process them. I wish there was another way but there isn't.  Give yourself permission to own all your feelings, so that they don’t hold you prisoner...waiting to escape.

in love and pleasure,

The Twinkie Angel

Monday, November 1, 2010

SPAM and Other Mystery Meats

I no longer eat meat or chicken. But as a child, I ate all kinds of meat products. And I mean, all kinds. Since my mom worked her ass off to provide a decent living for us, there were days that she was not “inspired” to make dinner from scratch. So, one of the meals she’d serve was fried Spam. Yes, spam, the “mystery meat.” For those of you who don’t know what Spam’s a canned, pre-cooked meat product. It comes in a metal tin, covered by a thin layer of gelatinous glaze.  Basically, it’s chopped pork shoulder meat, ham, salt and water. I also ate Vienna Sausages straight from the can while my mother food shopped. Vienna sausages are mini little “hot dogs” also covered in a gelatinous glaze. I would somehow wipe all that guck off and nibble on each mini sausage. Did you know that to keep the “meat” from spoiling and preventing the growth of the bacteria that causes botulism, sodium nitrate is added? Here's an interesting high amounts, sodium nitrate is toxic to humans...the sodium nitrate used to prevent spoilage has been linked to certain cancers.  I also found out that sodium nitrate in a different chemical formulation is used in “photography; a corrosion inhibitor; and in the manufacture of rubber chemicals.” Really?

Eventually, I realized that there was something wrong with eating “meat” that came in a can. So, I stopped eating it and I completely forgot about it. But recently, I was curious to find out what was in my favorite childhood food. And then I grossed myself out. I found out that vienna sausages are a combination of pre-cooked chicken, beef, turkey and pork (or blends thereof) finely ground to a paste consistency and mixed with salt and spices, notably mustard, then stuffed into a long casing, always thoroughly cooked, after which the casings are removed as with hot dogs. Nasty! Do you really think they are choosing the best quality meats? And what are the blends?

All these pre-cooked meats are sold as a convenient and inexpensive alternative to purchasing real meat. If I was stuck in a bunker or nuclear shelter and there was nothing else to eat, spam would be my best friend. But I’m not. I'm lucky to live in a time and place where fresh whole food is available. I have plenty of options like farmer’s markets, food Co-Ops, supermarkets like Whole foods and even Publix, the local supermarket which has an organic section.
Now let’s look at our beloved fast food hamburger. Just look at the video below the McDonald’s hamburger doesn’t decompose at all...after years! So, what is in the “meat and buns?” Is that even meat between those two fake buns. And if that doesn’t alarm you, why do you think eating it twice a week, makes you gain 10 pounds? The body does not know what all those “ingredients” that are combined together to produce a McDonald's hamburger are. Therefore, the body can not properly digest them, break them down and move them along your system for proper absorption and disposal. So, naturally, it’s going to “sit” somewhere in your body as an accumulation. What do you think that accumulation turns into?...I’m not asking you to stop eating hamburgers. I’m asking you to choose actual beef, preferably organic, hormone free or farm raised beef. I’m asking you to eat real bread, bread that will get moldy in a few days. I'm asking you to eat more whole foods, foods that actually come from nature, rather than highly processed ones.

Why would anyone willingly put toxic chemicals in their body? They wouldn’t! But like with everything, we “trust” people in authority to protect us and we blindly believe what we are told. It sort of makes sense, since it’s one less thing to have to think about in our hectic lives. But it’s our job to take care of our bodies and what we put into them. It’s our right as consumers to question what goes into our food. If you are not an advocate for yourself, then who will be? If you are not an advocate for your child, then who will be? Do we want to leave the decision about our food and our health completely in the hands of the government, the FDA, corporations and the physicians? I don' scary as it may be to speak up for yourself, it's scarier to live in ignorant bliss, giving away your power to those who do not have your best interest in mind... Who are you giving your power away to?

in love and pleasure,

Nutrition Counselor

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