Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dancing Feeds My Soul

Yes, that’s me in the video. It’s a student performance. I practiced for what seemed like an eternity, for a three minute performance. Too bad the quality of the video is not the’s a bit blurry and you can barely see me. If you look carefully, I’m the one that comes in and out of view, at the top right corner. 
What would prompt me to "perform" in front of people? My love of dance, my belief in trying things at least once...well, at least things that I love.
For me dancing and specially salsa dancing is hypnotic, energizing, sensual to the point of erotic. As soon as I hear a song, my heart expands and starts beating to the tumbao(basic rhythm in afro-Cuban music), to the beat of the congas, the timbales and the other seductive rhythms that make up a good salsa song. I start singing out loud. If you’ve ever danced with me, you’ve experienced this first hand. My head starts bopping, my hips start shoulders gently move, making a very seductive figure eight. My feet start moving and the rest of my body follows...and then my soul takes over. I am in a trance for as long as the song will hold me. No one else exists. I’m in the “zone,” time and space do not exist...I can “feel” where my partner will lead me next. There are no words, just an energy exchange, a feeling of where to go...we are perfectly in sync, gliding on the dance floor...and then the song ends and the spell is broken...until the next song of course!
My journey with dancing started in the womb and it goes back generations. We are a family of dancers on both sides. It’s in our blood. I’ve been dancing “Colombian Salsa” since I was little. When I moved down to Miami from NY, I learned that there were many other salsa styles, so I started learning. I learned Casino with Salsa Mia and I learned On1, On2, Cha Cha Cha and Bachata(although this is not salsa) with Miami Salsa Driven. What started as a hobby has turned into a passion. I’ve met so many amazing people and great friends dancing Salsa. 
Dancing feeds my soul. When I’m dancing, I lose track of time and I don’t get hungry...When you are doing the thing that you love, it fuels you and energizes eat only for nourishment and not out of boredom. What feeds your soul? 

in love and pleasure,

Nutrition Counselor
The Twinkie Angel